Prototype & Production, Metal Parts

Cooper & Cooper Sales Incorporated 1982
We are your Source for quality metal product development. From prototype to production we can meet all of your needs.

Tube Bending - Prototype & Production
Several experienced sources in tube bending available up to 10" O.D. for your component requirements. Pre-bends for hydroformers. Hydroforming single and two-stage with production support capabilities. Bending: mandrel and compression. Welding, End forming and all secondary operations are available.

Tube Components, Ells & Returns
Bend elbows and returns, Fabricated with Square and Round pipe and tube.
Stock and custom sizes welcomed. Flanges produced for your prototype requirements.

Manufacturing complex shapes- FormTube provides automated seam welding for sheets, plates, cylinders, cones, ovals, boxes, rings, and much more! We can provide TIG and MIG welded parts using a combination of hand and seam welding.

Tube Spining & Flow Forming
Manufacturing complex shapes- with New unique process- Precision Metal spinning, Flow forming & Electromagnetic forming. We produce symmetrical, hollow shapes, beyond the boundaries of conventional forming State of the New Arts- contact our office with your requirements.

Prototype Specialists
One accountable source for all your prototype requirements. Sheet metal & tubular bending & stampings, fabricating & forming. In house robotic welding and machining for all your pre-production development. Updated equipment lists are available upon request.

Large Pipe & Beam Bending & Rolling
Large size bending, fabricating, coiling and welding. Bending Square, Round and Rectangular Tubing. Up to 24" Channel and I-Beam, both easy way and hard way, 8" x 8" x 1" angle, and up to 12.00" IPS pipe.

Tube Cut Off
Cooper Tube has established itself as an industry leader in supplying tube cut-off services. We have the facility, equipment and the experience to cut 1/4"-4" OD tubing into lengths ranging from 1/4" to 40" depending upon OD / wall ratio. We can perform either a "lathe cut" or a "snap cut". Also we can efficiently cut and hold close tolerances on carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy, aluminum, brass and pipe.

Tool & Dies
Generations of Die Building Experience with CNC / CAM programming available for the engineering and manufacturing of metal stamping dies. Line & transfer, progressive dies, tools fixtures & gages. Experienced in blanking, piercing, forming, drawing, coining and extruding tapping plates. In Plant C N C and Wire E D M.

Water Jets & Laser Cutting
New technologies for producing accurate cost effective blanks. Now cutting ANY material, and thickness up to 10". Water Jets typically cuts thicker and a larger assortment of materials.

Gears & Machining, Drivetrain Components
Manufacture of spur, helical, face gears and shafts, as well as other engine and transmission components. Producing products that meet precision tolerances in our ever-changing variety of custom configurations.

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